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Time of Death


Kingsmen is Number 1. Looks like a cool movie. 2:10 <3. This reminds me of the “cube” movies.


Enjoy every minute of our lives, time is falling and we can't see it. Time of Death. Filmed in DeKalb IL, GO HUSKIES. What about in Red Dawn, the newer version, when Chris hemsworth gets shot in the head. Ada yg tau ini lagu. Given how Sara says We will not fail THIS world, and we have Jefferson and Dreamer with everyone, signs seem to be pointing to the New Earth endgame the comic run had. Just watched it, and it was amazing. The acting and the scripting was perfect and incredibly realistic.I could feel what they feel and it's probably what i would feel in their situation, if you didn't watch it already do itt.

*opening. Three things. Please dont make this another tie in to how an old Bond Villian was created Also make the locations more alive. The exotic locations need much more than just pretty far away shots. The audience needs to understand what it feels like to enter these different cultures and what it feels like to be in the place. The audience should feel like they want to travel after seeing a Bond movie. Also this Bond movie looks great. As long as they follow that and keep it as far away from being Spectre as possible. This could be awful or amazing. Pleaseeeee let this be good.


2019. xddddddd. Pagey tell me I aint the only one thinking that with the 3 superman in a scene together it will be Tylers dean cains and routh everyones saying it will be welling but I really dont believe he wants to suit up. Watching this makes me wanna rewatch it. This is a great film, I can't get over how many good films I'm getting to see the afternoon by channel 5 uk. They may call them B movies and STVs but they are far better than that. This one is excellent, great story gorgeous actors, shot really well, great background music. Plus good love story too. It's got it all, give it a go. It doesn't pretend to be CSI like a lot of films these days. I figured it out but hey that's half the fun. Enjoy this it's a good one. I am curious how these films get neglected and don't' run on prime time on our TV maybe they do in the States. It makes no sense. Maybe the Hollywood players have all the power and control the A lists, well it's about time they realised that the likes of this film are just as good if not better than some of the rubbish they throw millions of dollars at. Hey here's an idea how about making all the Hollywood lot take a pay cut, and Uk footballers,then you'd get really good people doing it for the love of it.

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