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Anon gets epic pranked. The best Robin chatroom name I've seen so far. CLOSED. Hello, as you are probably aware, I'm back from dead. I have a new PC and am willing to redo Community Game. First and only rule - no OP civs. I'll decide what's OP when you suggest it. We're gonna have 33 slots this time, please post your suggestions following the format, otherwise I won't count them. 1. Civ name, author (leader if there are multiple as well) 2. Name of your custom leader (very preferably something associated with your nick) 3. Name of your civ (if.

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Accepted. So the name caught my eye, and truthfully I had to watch the trailer because of the Big name cast, with some great comedic actors. If you like movies that require little thought and do not rely on poor language, gross-out jokes or sexually explicit humor, this is a great movie. With a name like Jewtopia, the movie delivers exactly what it promises- a movie based on stereotypes that laughs societal differences and misconceptions.
The movie is easily comparable to Rat Race, Movie 43, Top Secret and many of the late model Mel Brooks Movies. br> While the movie may never be a classic, there are plenty funny character interactions, racial stereotypes and gag humor to carry the movie on as a Saturday afternoon staple.

[US] Coming and Going for December: Save the date and watch before it's too late. I'm Martian-American. Also an ex-Jew (I gave it up for lent. Do I qualify. What do you call a perfect place for Jews.


I have created a Jewtopia. Welcome Jewtopians. Ain't no utopia quite like jewtopia.