At first i thought this was a remake of invasion of the body snatchers which made me sad. but then i saw the trailer and was even more sad.



Dr phil: our tests came in and you are. NOT the the father me:lmao that boy goona kill every body. It is a strange movie, but it has its moments. The most memorable character by far is ghost girl Katie; the child actress really delivered. The set is excellent; if they had only gone for subtlety instead of hyper-overt scares with lots of clichés, this film might have been up there with The Shining. Been waiting soooo long for this one! Michael Greyeyes is an amazing actor. This film looks to be very good. ชอบหนังผีนะ... แต่เรื่องนี้ชอบทั้งหนังชอบทั้งฌอร์ณ... 👍👍❤❤👍👍. I watched this movie for the first time the other day and it is now on my top 5 favorite horror movie 1. IT (1990) 2. Thirteen ghosts 3. Ghost ship 4. The conjuring (the first one, I liked the second one but it wasn't nearly as good as the first one) leprechaun.

Where can I download or watch these movie. I dont know why it took me years to realize that Burke from Grey's was in this movie. Dad: son your adopted Brandon: who are my real parents * general zod bust through the roof * General zod: I am your father. Jadi ingat let's fight ghost. Like i have seen the whole movie need to see it.

And that's ladies and gentlemen what bullies create. Murderers

Hes HYPERION in every way. Injustice: This is the darkest timeline. Brightburn: Hold my beer. I kept thinking fifty shades of grandma the whole time 😂😂😂. Looks good.

This looks like a badly acted Nickelodeon movie

I love Senior he's so handsome. น่ากลัว😭 แต่ก้จะรอดูน้ะค้า. We need THE BOYS here. Ora ngapak ora ke pee nak.