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Michael Madsen and Lazar Rockwood are starring, they did a great job acting, but in my opinion other actors haven't done a good job as those two. It is visible that the movie is low budget and B class.


B class movie, low budget, fine plot. The plot is okay, it has some plot holes and I find few things illogical, but it is still watchable. I very much liked the twist. It is a bit different from other movie is talking about a big problem in the world and it is depressive.






I planned on killing myself and this song was to play repeatedly... someone stopped now I have two boys who are my world. Thank you. WITHOUT A DOUBT Oscar Worthy, I can already tell. This is like the complimentary track to natural blues. Both are so sad but so good. Impossible to be straight when Bebe and Halsey exist. In 1991 when this movie was made killing a spouse was a rare event, in 2018 it's an everyday occurence. So this is where the loki distracting thanos meme came from. You're music feels great Moby. I'm coming back to this trailer now to express my complete and utter dismay we were robbed of a possibly fantastic movie personally I wouldn't have introduced Darkseid, Steppenwolf, Apokolips etc. into the DCEU so soon but to think of what could have been pains me especially when I see the shot of the Justice League standing in unsion at the end of the movie and I cannot emphasize enough how depressing it is as DC fan to have grown up with these characters and to see something with so much potential be destroyed due to studio interference it's honestly so depressing for somebody who has grown up loving these from the comics to the animated series and this trailer is incredible and we were scammed anyway enough rambling I'd like to know your thoughts on this I may be stating the obvious with all that but if you want please share #releasethesnydercut.

Love this song ! And I realize I love moby be I also love the soundtrack to the movie the next three days and moby does all the songs on the whole movie. Why do i regurgitate every time aquaman speaks. Change the title in your description. I am a simple man. I see an unoriginal comment, I copy it. Aqua man is having too much fun 😂😂😂. Tom Hiddleston should have been dubbed by Hank Williams the third. Sadey still smiles. . I really hope that Henry Cavill gets cast as Prince Eric in the upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid. Getting me through a break up. Miss you Brittany you were so 💔💔💔💔💔. I just want to reach into this damn movie and turn the lights on. I just thinks its crazy that she thought it was ok to kill her own sister over a man like that no matter if she was planning on killing him they should have known it was a lie patty seem like she wanted her sister out the way so she can become with his nasty ass been fucking on patty since she was 11 years old smh I wish a man would try to fuck my 11 year old ima have to kill him dead if I found out bout it I mean I just cant see why a grown ass man would want to even touch a little girl wen he has a child a daughter younger than her just nasty disgusting patty an David should rotten in cinnamon should be released cause they played her into believing her step mom was wanting her dad dead 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ nasty lil bitch lil bitch how can u keep secrets from ur mom an sister wen that man had took her virginity asking an 11 year old does she want to become a woman Linda should have known then he touched her just disgusting nasty.

What? aku tak tahu pun cerita ni dr malaysia 😮😮😮

Teacher smacking stuff Me : u on meds. About time people put some respect on MBJ name. Hes a phenomenal actor & I think this movie will definitely show what he is capable of.