Heart of the Matter writer Michael Votel Jr. melodrama review


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Heart of the matter don henley youtube. I had 0 expectations about this movie. However it turned out very okay. There were a few mistakes regarding the camera and the movements of the characters that one can see very easily. The female lead was pretty good, but the guy. I don't know, I like him, but I was waiting for the moment where he would scream or something!
What I loved about this was the fact that they had history: there was a moment in which they were arguing and for a moment I thought I was gonna cry. Pretty realistic the way these characters treated each other considering they had a past, but I would have loved to know more about them. You know there is this one smart elder person in each movie that guides the leads towards each other? There wasn't one in specific here, but that was the girl's job - who did an amazing job even though she could be quite loud and annoying sometimes - and I really like that!
Not Hallmark's best, but I actually enjoyed it.

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